Friday, 24 August 2012

Where I've Been!

So, lack of posts, eh? Well, there is an explanation for that. It's probably not a very good one but here it is. I've been in Germany for a while at my Dad's. That's where I've been. And when I'm in Ireland, at home home, our internet is just rubbish. Like it takes what seems like forever to load a page & then it takes an eternity to upload anything. 

Silly excuses I know but there is a bright side to my German escapades. I bought some Art Deco make-up today, Friday. A brand I have never heard of before. Let me regale you with the not so interesting story of how I came to find this brand:

I was walking through the Galeria & all of a sudden I see the lovely Dita Von Teese's face on an advertising stand. I, being a lover of Miss Von Teese, made a beeline for said stand & was rewarded with seeing her make-up line. In need of some essentials, I made a promise that if I couldn't find my regular foundation, concealer, & powder I would buy some of these products. Long story short, I went to Douglas (a store that sells make-up, perfume, & all things us ladies love) & couldn't find my regular L'Oreal products. I did note that the Art Deco products in this store were a lot more expensive than back in the Galeria. I did buy a Benefit product which I've never used before, which you know is always good. Back at the Galeria, I meandered over to the Art Deco section where I picked up some foundation, camouflage pen (which is a fancy way of naming a concealer), & some powder. The foundation & camouflage pen were from the regular line but the powder comes for Dita Von Teese's own line of make-up.

When I get back to Ireland, I shall do a review on Art Deco. Hopefully, it was money well spent. For now, I am going to finish packing & make my way to the airport. On a completely different note, why are airports one of the most depressing places in the world?