Friday, 1 June 2012

Everybody's Free...

The past couple of weeks have been glorious. The weather has been warm, sunny, and summery! Needless to say I am probably one of the very few Irish people who doesn't burn or tan in the sun. Not because I stay inside or wear the highest sunscreen factor available. The sun doesn't really affect me; I stay the same color all year round. Something I'm really grateful for. When I was younger, I used to freckle a lot in the sun. 

Anyway, completely off point. What I want to talk about is how to stay safe in the 
sun. I know you're probably thinking "we all know how to stay safe in the sun" but surprisingly not many people do. Or at least in Ireland they don't. I can't tell you the amount of men I have seen walking around with no shirt on and they're raw red with sunburn. When I say raw red, think lobster red. That's how bad some people get burnt and they don't seem to care. Even the women sunbathe all day with no sunscreen or protection all day purely because when their sunburntness peels away, they'll be brown. I wish I was joking and having a laugh when I say that but I am serious. 

Maybe it's because my Granny has skin cancer that I'm extra cautious when it's summer or anytime of the year, maybe I know that skin cancer isn't a laughing matter. Good lord I sound so old when I rant about these things but seriously put some sunscreen on people. It's not that hard! It takes one minute but it's something that could potentially help prevent you getting cancer.

Some simple tips that I find help protect your skin in summer include a mixture of the following:

1. Using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 that blocks the UVA and UVB rays. 
2. Protect your face and most importantly your neck. Wear a wide brimmed hat or if you have long hair and you don't mind wearing it down, keep it down!
3. Wear loose fitting clothes.
4. Protect your eyes with some sunglasses!
5. And water! Water is the key to staying safe in the summer!

Another thing that I have found with being safe in the sun and protecting your skin, not only do you help prevent cancer but it helps you looking younger. That probably made no sense. Let me explain. I look a lot younger that I actually am. I'm 25. I'm not ashamed to say this because I look about 17. Most people would hate this but the way I look at it is when I'm older I'm going to look younger. I won't have to go to all of those exhausting measures to get my skin looking younger. Also, I save a lot of money on public transport- I still get kids tickets on the train!

So, that is my little bit on staying safe in the sun. And if the whole cancer issue isn't enough to entice you into looking after your skin, I hope the idea of looking younger when your older helps!


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